The Round Up: June 2022

The Round Up is a continual report of updates, events, and activities of the Texas Land & Liberty Coalition, along with all things renewable, rural economic development, private property rights, and Texas energy freedom.

“You can have fossil fuels while at the very same time be leaders in renewable energy.

We’ve got to be very clear that all forms of energy are essential.”
– Governor Greg Abbott 




The hot Texas summer has arrived early this year. But the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up. There are plenty of renewable energy news and announcements this past month, and we’d love to share some of those with you.


CleanPower 2022 Conference & Expo

The Texas Land & Liberty Coalition was proud to attend the American Clean Power Association’s Annual Conference and Expo in San Antonio earlier this month. The event provided a tremendous opportunity to connect with clean energy innovators and leaders across the industry.

We were especially proud to meet some young, future stewards of the ever-changing energy landscape. Kid Wind, an educational non-profit focused on renewable energy, attended the conference and showcased big-minded and big-hearted kids who have been learning about wind energy across America.


Big Companies making Big Commitments

Household brand names like Whirpool continue to move forward on their sustainability journeys. ClearWay Energy Group and Deere & Company’s 340MW wind farm in Callahan County will supply the energy to run the Whirpool’s facility in Texas. The Mesquite Sky Wind Farm features 68 wind turbines and generates enough electricity to power 87,000 West Texas homes. The Whirpool Corporation is one of the largest onsite wind energy consumers among fortune 500 companies.


Wind Energy Provides A Stable Future 

In Texas, we like to own our property, pass it down to the next generation and keep things “in the family”. CNN’s recent article tells us that wind energy is booming in deep-red Republican states, and it is for good reason. It is stable and predictable.

Melva Dickey, a 91 year old retired farmer, landowner and Native Oklahoman, shares her story that is so similar to thousands of families across our country. “Who knows what the future holds, but I can see this going on for quite some time — the wind will be harnessed.”



EDP Renewables Invests Big in Milam County

EDP Renewables is planning major capital investments in Milam County, Texas thru the development and construction of their Cattlemen I & II Solar Parks. The projects represent a combined investment of $500 million dollars and would yield significant economic benefits to the community in the form of payments to landowners, local spending, and annual community investment. An estimated $96 million in taxes would be paid to support local schools and community services. Hundreds of construction jobs would be created as well as multiple permanent jobs.

America Clean Power’s

Siting & Environmental Compliance Conference

Land & Liberty Coalition (L&LC) was thrilled to be part of America Clean Power’s Siting and Environmental Compliance Conference that took place March 29-30 in Austin, Texas. The Texas L&LC chapter hosted a booth at the conference and L&LC Director Jackson Keith was part of a panel that discussed community engagement.

The conference brought together industry leaders, experts and stakeholders and provided a great opportunity for the Land & Liberty Coalition to share about clean energy and siting issues from a conservative perspective.

TX L&LC Field Director Samuel Davis with former State Representative John Davis

L&LC Director Jackson Keith


Matagorda County “On the Map”!

Matagorda County has been selected to be home to Highly Innovate Fuels Global first ever North American efuels facility. Over 100 permanent jobs, thousands of indirect jobs and $6 billion worth of investment.

Governor Abbot was at the site announcement last week, “This investment is great news for Texans in Matagorda County and the Coastal Bend, with more jobs, opportunity, and enhanced technology coming to the Lone Star State. …HIF will be an excellent addition to the Texas economic juggernaut.”

Electrofuels or e-fuels are an emerging class of replacement fuels that are made by storing energy from renewable sources in the chemical bonds of liquid or gas fuels. As aviation fuel is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions, this is a huge leap forward to mitigating carbon output.


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