The Round Up: March 2022

The Round Up is a continual report of updates, events, and activities of the Texas Land & Liberty Coalition, along with all things renewable, rural economic development, private property rights, and Texas energy freedom.

“The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.”
– Lady Bird Johnson



As spring comes upon Texas we all have a lot to look forward to; wildflowers begin to bloom, the sun begins to shine a bit more, and the sounds of birds return giving us joyful background music to our beautiful state. Our state has so many natural resources, and we get excited when we get to announce the advancement of more and more renewable energy companies choosing to harness these resources, and invest in Texas’ energy future.


Young County Wind Project

The Graham Independent School District knows what a long-term investment opportunity is when they see one. $163 million will be coming to Young County over the course of the Young Wind Project developed by Apex Clean Energy and NextEra Energy. This is what a successful partnership looks like; when school districts, renewable energy companies, Counties, its citizens and landowners work together for near and long-term, life-changing benefits.


American Energy Independence

As the war in Ukraine continues, we hear about sanctions and military reactions, but increasing domestic production would be a stronger response and would slow Putin’s efforts, speed up America’s energy independence, and have a longer-lasting effect on Russia.
Heather Reams, President of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions published an excellent article, Make America Energy Independent Again, detailing how we as Americans can get back to relying on all of the resources that we have right here at home.


Renewable Energy Creating Rural Jobs

The Plano-Based company Denbury has started up a partnership to create low-carbon diesel fuel using renewable electricity. Over in Navarro County, retailer Meijer has signed a renewable energy power purchase agreement with developer Duke Energy to buy the energy created from the Pisgah Ridge Solar project to help fuel their operations.


Local Heroes Story / Good Neighbor

Recently, a 600-acre wildfire started in Willacy County. Although the fire was not close to where the construction of the El Sauz Ranch Wind Farm was, the construction crew, Wanzek, who is helping build the Apex Clean Energy Project, rushed to the scene to help the Raymondville Volunteer Fire Department put out the fire. Apex has always been a good neighbor to the communities where they invest their projects. Although we hope this does not happen again, it is good to know we have extra eyes looking out for us.


2022 Texas Energy Summit

The Texas Land & Liberty Coalition takes pride in its involvement with other clean energy advocates. That’s why we were so excited to attend the Texas Energy Summit held this month. Our Field Director, Samuel Davis, moderated a panel on ‘Rural Opportunities for Economic Development through Clean Energy’ with Laramie Stroud (Office of Rep. Drew Darby), Adena Lewis (Bastrop County Economic Development), and Charlene Heydinger (Texas PACE Authority). Many breakthroughs were made on how we as a state can go forward with providing options and tools to our rural communities through responsible renewable energy policy.

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