The Round Up Wrap-Up: December 2021

The Round Up Wrap-Up is a continual report of updates, events, and activities of the Texas Land & Liberty Coalition, along with all things renewable, rural economic development, private property rights, and Texas energy freedom.

‘Don’t Scapegoat Our Energy Woes on the Backs of Texans’
by Matt Welch

Texans are rightly concerned about how our power grid is going to perform during future events. But disingenuous and misguided attacks on renewable energy sources won’t solve Texas’ problems or prevent the next blackout. Implementing real solutions that leverage Texas’ energy leadership will.



The U.S. Wind Energy Capacity has hit an all-time high this year, with a big credit to the Lone Star State, as this article is aptly titled, Thank you, Texas. So on behalf of Texas…‘You’re Welcome.’ The announcement is credited to projects such as Orsted’s completion of a 367 MW Wind Farm which is bringing a tremendous boost to the tax base of Wilbarger and Baylor Counties. Duke Energy’s 182 MW Maryneal Wind Farm in Nolan County helps with the energy transition by bringing even more clean and cheap energy to our grid’s growing demands. And last but certainly not least, the ONE BILLION dollar solar project that Chem-Energy Corp. is bringing to Caldwell County over in Central Texas. (yes, really)
Meanwhile, our friends in other states such as Minnesota are finding innovative ways for solar farms to be multi-functional for their landowners, including bees, sheep, and crops
Take a look at this fantastic partnership between Texas landowners and renewable energy developers: The Making of Cactus Flats Wind Farm

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