The Round Up Wrap-Up: February 2022

The Round Up Wrap-Up is a continual report of updates, events, and activities of the Texas Land & Liberty Coalition, along with all things renewable, rural economic development, private property rights, and Texas energy freedom.


Texas Solar will Double in Size

Renewable Energy in Texas is already in full gear to make a huge impact, in fact some would argue it will DOUBLE its impact. According to the IAE, solar is poised to double its footprint in Texas.


More Jobs and Economic Development Coming to Rural Texas

The impact isn’t just solar panels, it is countless jobs and investment into rural areas of our state. Take for example CCR Solar’s new Shakes Solar Project which will create up to 450 construction jobs and provide $35 million in new tax revenue to the communities and school districts of Dimmit County. And hopping over to Kaufman County, we see Enel Green Power setting high targets and goals with their Lily + Storage Hybrid project, generating and storing 181 megawatts of energy for our Texas grid. Dual-Use projects increase efficiency, reliability and reduce carbon emissions.


Duke Energy, a Strong Community Leader in Texas

But the benefits don’t stop with just the projects, renewable energy companies can continue to be strong community leaders in a myriad of ways. Take a look here at Duke Energy, who donated $12,000 to the Richland Volunteer Fire Department.


“All of the Above” becomes “All of the Above AND Below”

While so much has been happening above the ground with wind and solar, we often forget that what is happening below ground can be just as exciting. The announcement of the Texas Geothermal Energy Alliance (TxGEA) happened this month. And needless to say, it has piqued our curiosity. Click the link if you’d like to “dig deeper”.


Intersect Power Starts Construction on Radian Solar Project in Brown County

A huge congrats to our friends at Intersect Power for the announcement of their Radian Solar project beginning construction in Brown County.

Check out the video for more details: Radian Solar Project


The Texas Land and Liberty Coalition working across rural Texas

The Texas Land & Liberty Coalition was excited to lend a helping hand to the American Conservation Coalition’sRooted in America Campaign‘. We all teamed up to build a greenhouse with the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center outside San Antonio in efforts to cultivate native plant species that will provide habitat for those that call Mitchell Lake home throughout the year.


Texas Land & Liberty in the News!

We were happy to tout the benefits of such a project and were pleased to see that The Gonzales Independent School District voted in favor of the project.

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